NDSAC Ferrybridge Project.

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Introduction to the NDSAC Ferrybridge Project.


To conduct an informal marine life survey of the Ferrybridge outflow of the Fleet Lagoon recording species and environment over time.



  • Information gathering about the site – geology, site management, development and use, historic background.
  • Information referencing the adjoining Fleet Lagoon and Portland harbour.
  • Mapping the dive site and recording any changes.
  • Collecting data on species.


Who will be diving and organising:

  • Small groups of NDSAC Diving members - Ocean Diver and above. 


Shore Dive, entering from the northern bank of the outflow of the Fleet lagoon in the area of the modern Ferrybridge crossing. Portland Harbour Authority allow activities in this area.


Weather and conditions:

Diving on slack water neap tides- 1 hr. after high tide at Portland Bill (variable with air pressure, wind direction and strength.). A sheltered site but unsuitable in easterly high wind conditions or at spring tides when currents are strongest due to the tidal range.

A diver risk assessment will be drawn up.



No specialised diving equipment is necessary, but the following basic equipment is required

Reel and SMB per person, torch. Recording devices and cameras will also be used as required.


Record findings.

Information as listed below will be welcome:


  • Dive logs with date, duration, depth and conditions of individual dives (essential).
  • General description of the seabed to provide base and record changes.
  • Simple sketches of the dive site.
  • Detailed ongoing survey

1.General survey.  2.Sectioning areas for in depth surveying.

  • Photos and video
  • Species identification list (Seasearch record form can be used to  record).

Information will be gathered and passed to the project administrator (Gwyn James). As with any other club dive, copy of your dive log will also be required by the D.O.


Information recording.

The project will be recorded as a club conservation project on the BSAC website.

A computer file will be developed to store materials to be written up as a blog on the NDSAC website.


The Fleet Lagoon is a SSSI. Divers will be made aware of the importance and fragility of the adjacent site.



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